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Kick Start 360 is designed for companies that initially need at least 3 locations and want to continually grow their businesses. We have customers with 100's of machines and we also work with vendors just starting their vending career.


By combining Online Marketing & Telemarketing we're able to get you into Large Companies & Corporate High Traffic Locations at a Fraction of the Cost of what other locators charge. The end result; you get an Abundance of Great Locations so you can Cherry Pick the Very Best Locations for your business!


No matter what size your vending business is, you Need a Website! Your website will Create an Abundance of Credibility for you business. It will also display your Service Area which means means you will get locations because of Your Geographic Proximity (Quicker Service Time).

Get At Least 3 Machines Located Within 8 Weeks or Less In High Traffic Locations That You Approve or Kick Start Will Give You $200 (Cost Per Location) for Each One Missing. Maximum Refund: $600.

The Platinum Plan Guarantees You’ll Get At Least 3 High-Traffic Locations That You Get To Approve. Any and All Additional Locations Are FREE of Charge.

Through Our PROVEN Search Engine Optimization We Create a Steady Stream Of Traffic For Your Website. This way you can get As Many High-Traffic Locations As You Need.

There is No Charge For Any AND All Future Locations. That’s Right, They Are 100% Free. Since the website is getting traffic there is no charge for any and all future locations.

Other Sources of Locations:

In Addition to Locations That Come Through Your Website the Platinum Plan Also Includes Google Adverting and Telemarketing Calls by a Professional Vending Locator.

The Platinum Plan comes with a $250 Google Advertising Credit AND 200 Telemarketing Calls by a Professionally Trained Vending Locator. Once Your First 3 Locations Are Secured, any Leftover Google Advertising Credits or Telemarketing Calls can be used at your discretion.

For Example: Let’s say you get your first 3 locations and Only $100 in Google Advertising Credit has been used and 100 Telemarketing Calls have been used…

You would have a $150 Google Advertising Credit remaining AND 100 Telemarketing Calls Re-maining Left to be Used at Your Discretion.

Your Custom 16 Page Website and Custom Logo takes Approximately 10 Business Days (2 Weeks) to Complete.

Day 1 – Startup Questionnaire Sent. (This is where you’ll provide the information we need to get started on your Custom Website and Logo)

Day 2 – Domain Selected (For Example:

Day 3 – Logo Designs Sent. (Select From 2 Unique Designs)

Day 4 – Submit Logo Design Changes. (Get Up to 3 Revisions / Logo Changes)

Day 7 – Finalized Logo Design Selected.

Day 7 – Website Version 1 Completed.

Day 8 – Submit Any Website Feedback / Design Changes.

Day 10 – Website Version 2 Completed.

Day 11 – Submit Any Website Revisions / Textual Changes.

Day 14 – Website Final Version Completed.

Your Website includes up to 20 Hours of Custom Design Work and 10 Hours of Search En-gine Optimization Work. It typically takes less than 15 Hours of Custom Design Work For Each Website.

Google “Keyword Tool” which shows Search Volume for Keywords Input Into the Google Search Bar Indicates the Search Terms “Vending Service” and “Vending Machine Companies” are Searched for 1000’s of Times Each Month.

There are an Abundance of Corporate Businesses and Large Companies That Need and Want Your Vending Machines that are LOOKING for Vending Companies Online.

According to, 85% of Business Executives Use The Internet to Find Local Vendors.

In Fact, 80% of Large Companies and Corporations Found Their Vending Machine Service Pro-vider Online.

We make sure businesses are able to find you and your website through our PROVEN Search Engine Optimization so you Show Up on Google.

Search Engine Optimization is Achieved Through:

  • Local Keyword & Domain Research
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Title & Meta Tag Optimization
  • Keyword Rich Text
  • Service Area Landing Pages and Search Engine Optimization For Up To 10 Target Cities That You Choose.
  • Vending Related Backlinks To Your Website

Through Our PROVEN Search Engine Optimization We Create a Steady Stream Of Traffic For Your Website. This way you can get As Many High-Traffic Locations As You Need.

NOTE: There is NO CHARGE for Any and All Additional Future Locations Generated Through Your Website.

Google Advertising is a Pay Per Click system that gives you the ability to Display Ads at the top of every Google Search.

Your Platinum Plan comes with a $250 Adwords Credit.

Google uses a Bidding Process to determine how much you “Pay Per Click” when someone clicks on your Ad. Generally the cost is between $1 to $4 per click and varies depending on your geographic area.

Your Ads will Only Show For Searches Related to VENDING in The CITIES YOU SELECT.

The Advantage of Google Advertising is that it Enables You to have your Site Show Up at the VERY TOP of Google Instantly.

How It Works

The Platinum Plan comes with 200 Telemarketing Calls by a Professionally Trained Vending Locator.

Step 1: Speak with one of our Lead List Consultants. They will work with you in creating the List of Businesses that we’re going to call on your behalf.

Step 2: Approve the list of businesses. (You may also add any businesses to the list through that you want us to call on your behalf.)

Step 3: If there is any specific infor-mation you want us to relay to businesses you can let your lead telemarketer know.

Once Step 3 has been completed then telemarketing will commence.

Telemarketing Reports

We send regular telemarketing reports to keep you abreast on our progress. These reports in-clude insight into each call that is made.

Appointments that have been made on your behalf will also be emailed to you in the telemarket-ing reports.

About Our Telemarketing Team

Our Telemarketing Team has Decades of Experience and our Lead Telemarketing Locators Make upwards of $30 Per Hour.

Just imagine a $30 an hour, trained locating professional calling on large companies and corpo-rations with 100’s or even 1000’s of employees.

Our Attorney Written Location Contract (A $750 Value) has a multitude of important provisions ensuring that you protect your vending interests. Two important provisions:

Assignability – Gives you the ability to Sell Your Locations and Machines to other Vending Op-erators without getting prior written consent from the business. (Easy To Sell Your Route)

Exclusivity – Proprietor hereby grants to Operator the exclusive right and privilege to install, operate, and maintain vending machines on the premises of Proprietor. (No Competition)

Our Attorney Written Location ReSeller Contract (A $750 Value) gives you the ability to SELL Any Of Your Unneeded or Unwanted Locations to Other Local Vendors.

Why Would I Sell Locations?

Through Our PROVEN Search Engine Optimization We Create a Steady Stream Of Traffic For Your Website. This way you can get As Many High-Traffic Locations As You Need.

You’ll often find yourself in a position where you have MORE Locations THAN Machines. In these cases you’ll have the ability to Sell Any Additional Locations For A Profit.

Every business that expresses interest (Through Telemarketing Or Your Website) is instantly followed up with via Email with information about Your LOCAL Vending Service, Explaining Your Machines, Products and Fast Service.

This creates a Super Qualified Location that matches Your Service/Products and Their Needs!


Vend-Trak is a cloud based, Comprehensive Vending Management Software Solution that helps you to effectively and efficiently manage your vending business.

You’ll receive 6 Months of Free Vend-Trak service (A $300 Value).

Website & Domain Transfers are $500.  This is only applicable if you sell your business and the new owner wants us to take over the website, update and manage it for them.

This fee includes us updating all relevant pages, contact information and creating a new logo.

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